As Mayor...

As Mayor of Kerrville, here are some key things we will see:
• Leadership with Integrity
• Unity to solve problems and get things done
• Bringing a diversity of people together to brainstorm and plan and dream
• A focus on results
• A city that is fun

If elected Mayor on May 5, here are those things I am committed to:
• Protecting our water resources
• Preserving the natural beauty of the area
• Maintaining the special small town feel of Kerrville as a unique place
• More opportunities for young people
• Economic development that is focused on small businesses
• The Council clearly understanding its role in a City Manager form of government
• A city staff well trained and compensated fairly
• The implementing of the comprehensive plan – Kerrville 2050

Governing Principles

Bill has identified several principles of good governance that he will strive to embody as mayor. Many of these principles are also identified in the City of Kerrville's Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement for 2018. The principles that Blackburn has identified are as follows:

  • Clarify and build on a commonly accepted vision of the city
  • Mayor and Council set policy, provide oversight, and leave day to day management to staff
  • Hold to a limited role of government and fiscal responsibility as seen in priorities set
  • Balance property rights and the common good
  • Invite and promote involvement of citizens in seizing opportunities and solving problems
  • Promote safety through wise, appropriate, and enforced laws
  • Maintain and set policies that ensure smooth, efficient, and safe flow of people, traffic, water, wastewater, and revenue
  • Maintain a positive environment for business to operate within
    clear, consistent, and reasonable regulations
  • Cooperate and collaborate with Kerr County and the other local governments in the county
  • Protect and promote beauty in the natural and built environment, and preserve the history of the area and historic places
  • Maintain excellent city staff by providing fair compensation and benefits, continual training, and support and encouragement
  • Carry out all duties in an ethical, legal, honest, and transparent manner